Travel Theme Wind – Fermoyle Beach

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This is my contribution to this weeks Travel Theme Wind

Fermoyle Beach/ Trá Fhormaoileach   Ireland

Fermoyle Beach

Fermoyle Beach

This is a wonderful beach on Dingle Peninsula, which streches about 14km from Cloghane to the Maharees. It is said, that this is the longest beach in Ireland. Every year many surfers come here to surf the fine waves and the wind. I tell you a secret: My father owns a small house near this beach.

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Jahrgang 1955. Mehr als 30 Jahre Reise-Erfahrung in China und Asien. China-Expertin bei feel China. Lasst Euch von meinen Erfahrungen inspirieren! Nicht nur über China! Weitere Themen: Museen, Hamburg, Hannover, Rom, Paris, London u.v.m.
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