WPC Solitude / Einsamkeit in China

This week the photo challenge asks for solitude and says:

Solitude is the place of purification. Martin Buber

This is a great challenge! Thank you for that! Of course I instantly thought of places of solitude, which I might have seen in China. In this big country with its many big cities there seems to be no solitude. But there is: In the magnificent desters and graslands, on the mountains and in the forests. But actually I did not find a pic showing this kind of solitude.

But I found something else:

Many temples in Asia and China have originally been built to give the monchs and nuns the opportunity to meditate in deep solitude, away from the hussle and noice of the cities. Once really difficult to reach they turned into nowadays tourist hotspots. I have visited some of those temples. There is no solitude anymore as hords of visitors come to theme.

Hängendes Kloster bei Datong

Hängendes Kloster

My pic, that I mainly connect with solitude ist this pic of the Hanging Monastery:

Originally build in this steep gorge the monastery has been very difficult to reach. It is said, that the monchs living and praying here even did not hear the roosters in the valley cry.

Many of the holy mountains in China were meant to to give temples and people a refuge and place for meditation. If you do not go with the masses, you’ll still find places of solitude not far away from the big temples.

Like this walking path at one of the most famous Buddhist Holy Mountains: EmeishanSolitude am Emeishan

Of course all the Buddhist Caves have been carved into the rocks far away from civilisation Für example the Beziklik Grottoes near Turfan:

But there are also place of solemn solitude in the big cities like some not so wellknown temples – here the Chen Xiang Ge Nunnery in Shanghai. There you do not meet many tourists, just some Buddhist nuns

Chen Xiang Ge Nonnenkloster Shanghai

Chen Xiang Ge Nonnenkloster Shanghai

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